FAQs and Tips

Does SCRE currently work on Mac?

No, it doesn't so far. However, we have tested it on a Mac computer with a Windows emulator and it works fine.

What do I do with the SCRE template.dotx file?

Nothing! You don’t have to open it, just make sure you have one copy of this file in the same folder as the SCRE file you want to export. Remember that you can have several SCRE files in the same folder and one .dotx file will be enough for them all.

Does the report adhere to all the formal aspects required?

Yes, except for the name. Make sure to italicize all the prefixes following the IUPAC recommendations in your exported document.

What do I need to run SCRE?

A computer that runs on Windows (or an emulator) and that has installed Excel and Word. No further requirements. Just download the basic pack and start using SCRE!

But one can do the NMR report by using MestreNova, right?

Yes, we can! MestreNova is great, but it only deals with NMR information, not with optical rotation, IR, HPLC, HRMS... SCRE will also count your protons and carbons and tell you if it matches with the molecular formula so none of them are left behind. Tip for lazy users: if you right-click in MestReNova on a multiplet and select “show table of multiplets”. You can then copy this table in SCRE to save time.

Extra tips

In Excel preferences disable the “Autocomplete” tool, or be aware that it does not transform a doublet (d) into a doublet of doublets just because there was one before, for instance.

A little trick

When copying the structure of your molecule include the molecular formula and molecular weight.