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can not export data to word doc

  • Kumar


    I could not export data to the word doc as there was an error 429. Any ideas how to correct this so the automation works

  • SCRE

    Registered: 2018-05-30
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    Hi Kumar!
    Thanks for contacting us and for trying the SCRE. The 429 error is quite general in Microsoft Office, so here I give you some possible reasons and solutions.
    1) You need to click "enable editing" in order to generate the report, both in Excel and Word. This has to be done only on some computers and only the first time. Please, check if a new Word file is opened, but not edited. If that happens, just press "enable editing", close the Word file and press "Export" again. There are some pictures to help you in this section:
    2) Are you using Windows or Mac? This first version of SCRE has to be run on Windows, so if you want to run it on a Mac computer, you can do it by using a Windows emulator.
    If you still can't make it work, we can find an alternative solution. Just let us know and we'll give you a hand. You can contact us via this forum or e-mail (
    Thanks Kumar!
    SCRE team